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Europe & International Transport pet travel

Europe and International

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Europe and International

pet transport

Whether you need to get your pet to to Europe or further away, we can assist you.

We can arrange everything from flights to collection of your pet for delivery to the airport, export paperwork, health certificates and more.

One of our experienced and qualified handlers can even travel with your pet ensuring that your pet has all needs met at all times and has positive interaction rather than being left alone.

There is also a service for your pet to travel on it's own.

We offer a complete package and give you several choices.

We are here to help you as much as we can with your pet transport and pet travel.

How We Can Help You

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Europe and International

dog transport Europe


Unlike other companies who transport pets by flights, our handlers accompany your pet during the entire journey. 

We collect from your home (if in the UK), and travel with your pet until delivery.

If you require your pet to travel to the UK, our handlers can travel to your pet and collect and transport back to the UK with them.

Please ensure that you have visited your vet in advance of contacting us in order to start the arrangements for pet passport, vaccinations and other requirements. These  must all be done in line with pet passport requirements.

You can visit the DEFRA website to gain information on Pet Passports, what is required for your pet to travel and more. DEFRA website will have the most up to date information on pet travel requirements.

For upto date advice contact the Pet Travel Scheme Helpline on 0370 241 1710

Please see below for some common questions and answers, which we are sure will assist you

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Cat transport worldwide

Your pet will receive attention and care as well as time out of the flight crate.

Your pet shall be constantly monitored and receive all needs from fresh water, stretching legs and a toilet break, freshening up etc.

You will receive pictures of your pet during the journey.

You will receive feedback on how your pet is travelling, and photographs when possible.

Personal service for your pet/s.

Pets arrive happier and more settled.

Continuity for your pet.

You will meet the handler who has cared for your pet during the journey.

You will receive personal updates and pictures.

Your pet receives attention and not just left in a flight crate.

Handlers get to know your pet so realise if there is something wrong.

Your pet will receive attention which therefore makes the experience much more positive.

Your pet wouldn't just be another pet. 

Your pet is treated with the dignity and care it deserves. 

Your pet won't just be put on a flight and forgotten about until arrival destination. Our pet transport is animal orientated and we are focused on the best for pets during pet travel.


What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Benefits Of Accompanied Flying

Dog transport Europe

For exit from the UK, one of our experienced handlers will collect your pet. If you require collection from another country then we can still assist with this.

We can do this in advance in order for flea and worming to be administered by a vet and the pet passport and or health certificate signed by a vet.

Our handler can then transport to the airport and ensure the airline has all instructions, or travel with your pet.

Of you require transport starting from another country, we can arrange for your pet to be collected from your home and also for health certificates, flea and wormer. 

This level of service of course costs extra.

We Can Assist You

What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel

What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel


If you wish to arrange all of the import/export yourself and just want us to arrange the flights this is possible.

If you wish for us to advise you on processes and what is required then we can, you aren't on your own.

 This service is chargeable due to the time it takes.

Should you require an approved crate for your pet to fly in, we can assist with this at an extra cost.

We can overnight board your pet also and this is a FREE service fi the collection is within the UK.

(FOR UK collections only. If you need us to overnight board then you would receive updates and your pet would remain with the handler who collected your pet. )


 We can assist you with importing and exporting paperwork.

Whether you are a rescue and a home is adopting one of your pets, or you are buying or selling a pet, we can complete the required paperwork.  

This is a legal requirement to inform of animals coming into the United Kingdom. 

There is a small charge for this due to the time involved.

What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel

What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel

What You Can Do To Prepare Your Pet for Travel

cat travel

There are some steps you can take in order to make iit easier for your pet when he/she travels.

Get your pet use to a crate and use to travelling in one. Make it a positive space for your pet. and offer lots of praise when your pet enters it and also when your pet remains settted. The more use to a crate and travelling in a crate that your pet is means that your pet will settle much more quickly and make the journey easier for them.

Don't put any thick blankets in the crate as it can overheat your pet. A thin non fleece blanket or newspaper with puppy pad is better. Also avoid anything which your pet could become tangled in, fluffy blankets , thick blankets and clothes.

Sedating should always be a last option. Preparing your pet for travelling has found to have a better impact on pets than sedating. Sedating can cause problem.

Visit your vet at least 4 months prior to travelling in order to ensure enough time for vet preparations.

Make sure that your pet is used to different environments , noises, strange people, and use to being picked up in the crate. This will all help your pet remain calmer during transport

Keep your pet healthy and at the correct weight. A unhealthy or underweight or overweight pet doesn't generally travel as well.

The above has been shown to have a positive impact on pets which means that your pet will travel much better and be happier.




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Q. Can all breeds fly?

A. We always try to assist with all pets but there are certain breeds hat airlines won't accept. These are brachycephalic breeds 'Snub Nose'. An example of these breeds are Boston terrierr, Shar pei, Llsa Apso, Cavalier King Charrles Spanielbulldogs, shih tzu, pugs, persian cats, as well as others.

Q. Why don't all airline accept Brachycephallic 'sub nosed' breeds?

A. Because of their short noses, these pets have difficulty breathing at high altitudes.. This is because brachycephallic breeds are prone to respiratory prolems as a result of the very small space in the  nasal passages., longer than normal soft palate and narrowed windpipe These breeds often have difficulty cooling off when playing or exerisin, orr even when stressed, overheated or ill We will also do our utmost to accommodate your brachycephallic pets on flights that accept them.

Q. Can all pets travel in the cabin of a plane?

A. Unfortunately no. AS space is limited in cabins it means that only pets under a certain weight and size are allowed in cabins. This is generally under 8kg and he weight is combined between the pet and the carrier. There is also size restrictions.

Q. Why do I need to provide the breed, weight, height and length of y pet?

A. This s so that we can provide you with an accurate price as airlines charge different prices for pets which are based on weight and measurements.





Flights for pets

Q. Is flying bad for my pet?

A. It is far safer than you realise thanks to airlines being responsible. Flying has advantages, and sometimes cant be avoided. As with all types of transport, they all have risks. These risks are managed by experienced staff which reduces risks.

Q. Is it better to take a pet on a long road trip than fly?

A. It is always best for a pet to depart and arrive as quickly as possible. We weigh up all factors and advise you accordingly.

Q. It's too cold in aeroplanes isnt it?

A. Airlines who are  autorised  to transport animals have to ensure that the areas that pets travel within are temperature controlled and that the area is pressurised.


Q. Will you give me options so I can choose what is best for me?

A. Yes we will and we will always do what we can to achieve the lowest prices for you.

Q. What is included in an all inclusive package?

A. You will receive collection of your pet from your door, arranging of a Third Country Health Certificate if one is required, Flea and worming, lights and delivery to your door.

Q. Will I need to pay anyone else?

A. All airport fees and quarantine fees are not included as these need to be paid directly to that supplier

Q. Does my pet have to go in to quarantine?

A. Not all countries require pets to be quarantined. Please check the requirements of the country you require your pet to be transported to.


Q. I'm buying a pet, or adopting a pet from a rescue, and my pet is coming from abroad, do I need to register it anywhere?

A. Yes you do. As you are not the current owner your pet will need to be registered with TRACES, but, don't worry, we can assist you with this as we are TRACES registered.

Q. Can you assist with the vet requirements in order for my pet to travel?

A. We can assist with vet requirements that are needed just before the travel. One of our handlers can collect your pet and visit the vet for administration of Tapeworm treatment and flea treatment. Our handlers will ensure that paperwork is signed by the vet.




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Q. Will my pet have access to water?

A. Yes. Fresh clean water will be available to them at all times.

Q. Can they travel with their favourite blanket?

A. Absolutely they can, in fact we recommend this. Just ensure it's not too thick or too warm so that your pet can't overheat.

Q. Can I send some food?

A. Yes you can and this will travel with them.

Q. My pet is on regular medication, will they receive this?

A. Yes they will, although it needs to be prescribed by a vet with instructions from a vet on their letter headed paper.

Q. Where can I find information on what requirements are needed for a pet passport and other paperwork and health requirements?

A. You can visit the DEFRA website for information on requirements for your pet travelling.

Q. Will my pet need to be microchipped?

A. Yes. All pets travelling require a microchip and must be registered in your details. Please remember to keep this up to date.

Q. Does my pet need a rabies vaccination?

A. Yes. Some countries also also require an additional rabies blood test to be performed prior to travel. This blood test can take up to 3 months so it's very important to contact your vet as soon as you realise that you're wanting to travel.

Q. Do I need any other paperwork?

A. Yes sometimes you do. You will need a 'fir to fly' health certificate within 96 hours of the departure flight. There may also be import and export paperwork that needs to be completed.

Q. Will my pet need any Vet treatments apart from vaccinations?

A. Yes. All pets will need to have flea and worming treatment administered 24-120 hours before arrival into the country (please remember to take time zones into account).  Dogs will also need Tapeworm to be administered along with Flea and worming. 

How To Get A Free Quote


Please select the black box below and complete the form so that we can provide you with the best and most accurate quote.

Each quote is specific to each person.