Vehicles and drivers

Our Vehicles



We have kennelled vans that have double ventilation and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They are easily thoroughly cleaned throughout after each pet in order to ensure that your pets travel in the cleanest area. It is cleaned with Parvo Virocide regularly and bleach and disinfectant after each pet transport journey and fully pressure washed out with not one inch missed. 

Due to the quality of the kennels in our vans, they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so no matter what the weather is like your pet will always be comfortable.

  • Vans are checked before each day or if a different driver takes over.
  • All vehicles have inbuilt GPS Tracking so you pets journey is monitored and we always know exactly where your pet is.
  • Hold specific insurance which covers for the work we do.
  • Kennels have lighting so your pet doesn't have to travel in the dark.
  • Vehicles have a thermometer in the kennels in order to monitor the temperature.
  • Vehicles have air conditioning so the temperature can be cooled or heated.
  • Hold a licence from APHA so we can legally transport your pet
  • Hold breakdown cover. Your pets would not be stranded in the unlikely event of a breakdown
  • Have in depth and specific insurance and our insurers know that we carry pets. 
  • Regularly checked by engineers.
  • Regularly washed and cleaned
  • Carry blankets, leads, collars, slip leads and other items
  • Carry a comprehensive First Aid Kit
  • Carry a fire extinguisher and other essentials.

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Our drivers


For your assurance and confidence our drivers:-

  • Are all experienced drivers
  • Are all experienced and caring animal handlers
  • Receive training as part of their driving and handling duties
  • All own their own pets
  • Are all DBS checked
  • Are all Animal Welfare Act trained
  • Are all Pet first aid trained
  • Are all Human first aid trained
  • Are all patient and caring
  • Are all understanding of your needs and anxieties 
  • Are all volunteers so they work due to a passion for animals rather than as a job. This is assurance that our drivers are truly passionate about the pets the transport.

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