Privacy Policy

We abide by GDPR at all times and your data and information will never be given to any third parties unless an authorised authority such as a vet in order to treat your pet, the Police if requested or any other government authority or Animal Welfare agency.

Your data is stored securely at all times and no information is revealed regarding your information to anyone without your permission, except in the above mentioned circumstances.

If your pet needs to travel with documentation then this will be kept safely and not in public view and only N.F.P. UK Pet Transport volunteers will have access to it and will only be given or shown to authorised such as the above mentioned or to your designated person.

We ask for any drop off point to show N.F.P. UK Pet Transport identification in order that they are they intended recipient and we are delivering to the correct person.

Any paperwork you need us to complete for you ie relinquish forms etc will not be stored by us after 30 days and no information contained within any paperwork will be discussed with anyone without your permission, except if relevant to those agencies mentioned above.

All data and information is stored within the  GDPR requirements etc.