For Your Pet

  • Ensure your pets have sufficient floor space and height space.

  • Provide water, feed, rest and exercise as needed as well as interaction.

  • Meet the needs under the Animal Welfare Act and ensure all needs are met during transport.

  • If we notice an issue with your pets that you haven't made us aware of, or we have any concerns about your pets we will inform you. If we are concerned then we will seek vet attention.

  • We carry a microchip scanner should you require this. We are happy to scan your pet for a microchip at the start of the journey and provide you with the microchip number and company. 

  • We will never discuss your pets details, including collection and drop off details, with anyone other than you.

  • Ensure all handlers are trained to handle your pets and do not use violence or fear etc (in house training as required by APHA) and ensure staff are certificated in animal care and animal behaviour.

  • Plan the journey in order to ensure your pets are travelling for the shortest time possible.

  • Ensure your pets are fit to travel. We do this by asking you questions*

  • Ensure we ask you about any behavioural issues, health issues or needs, requirements and character. This is to ensure we care for your pets to the highest standards whilst travelling*

  • Ensure that the area your pets are travelling in are kept clean at all time and cleaned as soon as possible should they have an accident whilst travelling.

  • Ensure we have bowls, food, water, cleaning products, poo bags, leads and any other equipment that may be needed. This is to ensure that your pets are cared for the best.

  • Seek vet attention should you pets become ill during the transport.

  • Stop the transport if in our staff opinion it is not in your pet/s best interest to continue.


 For You

  • As much as we can, we will keep you informed during the journey on how your pets are. This is not always possible though. Our staff also take pictures of your pet in transport and these can be sent to you for your reassurance*

  • Quotes start from one of our bases and back to our base (a round trip)

  • Inform you if there will be an overnight stop required and any costs.

  • Allow you to have space on board our vehicle for any of your pets equipment that you wish it to travel with that will aid the transport of your pet ie collar, lead, bed, food, toys, paperwork. Any other equipment is at the driver discretion. If you wish for other items then this must be agreed prior to transport.

  • Our staff will load and unload your pet. This is due to our insurance also as staff are trained.

  • Send you an invoice and a receipt.

  • Provide you with an AM or PM collection and delivery slot.

  • Send you a tracking link so that you can monitor your pet/s journey. *

Our pet transport is focused on your pet.

We put money aside from each run into a kitty and each month we donate to animal rescues.

*This is not always possible and you can contact our office at any point for updates.