International Transport


Europe and Further

Whether you need to get your pet to to Europe or further away, we can assist you.

We can arrange everything from flights to collection of your pet for delivery to the airport, export paperwork, health certificates and more.

One of our experienced and qualified handlers can even travel with your pet ensuring that your pet has all needs met at all times and has positive interaction rather than being left alone.


For exit from the UK, one of our experienced handlers will collect your pet.

We can do this in advance in order for flea and worming to be administered by a vet and the pet passport and or health certificate signed by a vet.

Our handler can then transport to the airport and ensure the airline has all instructions, or travel with your pet.

We are TRACES Registered

We can assist you with importing and exporting paperwork.

Whether you are a rescue and a home is adopting one of your pets, or you are buying or selling a pet, we can complete the required paperwork. 

Informing TRACES is a legal requirement.


Q. Is flying bad for my pet?

A. Flying has advantages, and sometimes cant be avoided. As with all types of transport, they all have risks. These risks are managed by experienced staff which reduces risks.

Q. Is it better to take a pet on a long road trip than fly?

A. It is always best for a pet to depart and arrive as quickly as possible. We weigh up all factors and advise you accordingly.

Q. It's too cold in aeroplanes isnt it?

A. Airlines who are licenced to transport animals have to ensure that the areas that pets travel within are temperature controlled and that the pressures stay of acceptable levels.