Coronavirus (covid 19)

Update Monday 30th March 2020


Our office staff have today had it confirmed by our local Police force that our staff are infact keyworkers. This is due to what is involved with our company and we have had it confirmed from our licensing body APHA and also from the Police that the cases we are currently dealing with all fall under welfare criteria. The Police have confirmed that we are operating in accordance with current 'stay at home' measures and are satisfied with the paperwork we have in place to support this.

We are lucky and glad that all of our managers are efficient and even our company board members are out transporting so that some handlers can stay at home.

We are finding a lot of people, which unfortunately includes breeders, are wanting pets gone as they can't cope physically or financially and our licencing body and Police have said that this may be welfare (if a customer states this then it will be investigated and considered before transport being allowed as every transport currently has to be justified) and we are doing the right things given the current situation within our country. Please do not assume that if you simply state 'welfare issues' that you will be allowed transport. Anyone who states welfare will be required to provide evidence of what is stated and the collection address will be contacted by ourselves in order to gain knowledge on the situation).

Our handlers will continue to collect any basic essential shopping/prescriptions for collection/delivery addresses and any of their vulnerable isolated neighbours. We will continue to deliver food parcels to vulnerable people and organisations along routes and we will continue to provide this service free of charge for everyone and provide you with receipts for your shopping. 

We will continue to give discounts and any keyworker who needs a pet moving to someone else so that their pet can be looked after due to their increased working hours and pressures we will continue to provide you with our service for cost price.

Everyone will continue to receive a discount on transport at the present time no matter who you are and this is due to the types of circumstances we are transporting under ie welfare.

It is easy to make assumptions at this current time but often there is more involved and often the assumptions are wrong.

This week some of our handlers have gone beyond their jobs and:

* provided first aid to elderly they have found on the floor of their homes whilst delivering essentials to them and waited with them til ambulances arrived. One of these people told our handler that she didn't think she would be found due to the lockdown and thought she was going to die on the floor of the house she had lived in for 48 years :-( This has happened 3 times this week.

* spent over 30 minutes on the phone to a customer who he had delivered to. The customer was lonely so our handler rang the lady from outside and interacted with her over the phone. The lady has since phoned our office and said how much better she feels for having the interaction with someone face to face even though it was several metres away and over the phone. 

* kept away from their own household members.

* searched for an elderly gent who got confused and walked out of the home he shared with his wife of 60 years. Our handler found the gent within 10 minutes. Thankfully the gent is fine and his GP is involved. This meant that our already stretched and amazing emergency services didn't have to attend.

We praise and thank our staff for the extra they are doing to help people at this time of need within our country and the care they are showing.

We continue to support other pet transporters who are also still working for the same reasons as we are.

Our company does more for the community that what we advertise but at times like this our staff need praise and it needs to be known how much we are doing to help the people of this country during this difficult time.

We are a company that care, we are a community, we are part of a great country. We are proud to be a British company.


Update Sunday 29th March 2020

For staff and public protection we have now implemented these further safety measures in order to minimise risks.

Please keep at least a 3 metre distance from our staff.

Please place a crate outside for your pet to be collected from and delivered to.

If the weather is poor please ensure that the crate is covered and offers protection for the pet.

Our staff are not allowed to enter any homes or premises.

All pet food must be in sealed bags/containers.

Transport will only be provided if certain criteria is met.

We again urge you to consider if transport is necessary at present or if it can wait.

Thank you for your cooperation at this difficult and challenging time.

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Update Tuesday 24th March 2020

The Government has now implemented a lockdown within the UK.

Given then current situation in the UK with Coronavirus (COVID 19), we have implemented certain steps in order to protect our customers, staff and members of the public.

As we are a transport company we are still offering transport but safety measures have been put into place.

We will be abiding by the 6 foot distancing rule that has been implemented. 

Please ensure that there is a safe place for your pet to be collected from and delivered to. This may be a porch area that has a door, a crate placed outside so that you can collect at a safe distance from our handler. Handlers are not allowed less than 2 metres (6 feet) from you.

You may be asked to place your pet into our vehicle if your pet is too large to fit into a pet carrier.

Items will be accepted as government guidelines are stating that items pose no risk. We will be placing all items into a contained bag though.

Our handlers will wear gloves when handling any items.

Upon collection and delivery our handlers now have permission to sign for the collection/delivery by placing 'COVID19' in the signature.

You will be asked to complete an online collection/delivery record which can be completed using your phone, tablet or computer. This record will be sent to your collection and delivery addresses via email.

Our staff can collect essentials for you, food, and deliver to your collection/delivery address.

By using our company you are reducing the amount of people who are leaving homes as not only can we transport your pet but we can visit a shop for both your collection and delivery addresses for essential supplies. 

You can help by considering if you can wait for transport until restrictions have been lifted.

COVID 19 (Coronavirus)



Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 we have made a few changes which will affect transport.

The Government of the United Kingdom has taken the steps to advise against travel to ALL countries.

Transport Restrictions

Due to many countries going into lockdown as to minimise the spread of COVID 19, we are not doing transport to or from any countries that are in lockdown or countries that have implemented restrictions on their borders. This includes cargo due to many flight companies restricting flights.


Our handlers and staff will do more regular handwashing using soap and water and also alcohol based hand gel. There is also more extensive cleaning of vehicles which includes the cabs and all equipment. This will have an impact on transport as vehicles will be having intensive cleaning in between each handler using them which will result in vehicles being unavailable whilst this is happening. Staff may wear gloves and or masks so that risks to our staff are minimised. 

Transport That Is Already Booked Outside of the UK

Any transport that is booked for outside of the UK, will be delayed due to the border restrictions and lockdown restrictions in many countries.

Once restrictions are lifted then transports will be rearranged. 

Transport Within the UK

This will continue as planned as the UK is not in lockdown currently. Should the government implement a lockdown then we will have to abide by this and transports will be stopped except for emergencies such as vets.

Vulnerable People or Those Whom Have Symptoms

Please inform us immediately if we are visiting a property that has someone that is vulnerable if they caught COVID 19, if someone within the property has symptoms or if anyone at the properties have been exposed to a person whom has COVID 19. 


We will be regularly checking official government guidelines and will be led by health officials and the government guidelines. We will post any updates here.