About Us and Our Pet Transport



We offer pet transport  throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

We believe that your pet is the most precious cargo anyone could carry and this is why we operate, to give the most passionate service to the most precious on the earth, animals, and to transport  "Pets with dignity and care".

A door to door service is the safest option. It is a specially fitted and equipped vehicle for the journey and no handovers. Handlers are highly experienced and qualified with pets. All of these factors minimise the risk of your pet escaping, and also reduces stress to your precious pet.  It also offers many other positives for your pet. All staff are trained in animal care and animal behaviour and fully trained and experienced in how best to load and unload your pet safely and calmly.

We are a company made up of pet owners and give a service which understands your needs and feelings as to how you wish your pet to be transported. We all have much experience professionally with pets.

We are all experienced animal handlers and very passionate about animals.

By letting us assist you and your pet, you're also helping animal rescues and other good causes. We make donations to animal rescues, animal charities. Thee donations can be found on our website and on our social media pages.

We are now  making donations to other charities and community clubs as well as animal rescues. We believe in helping those who do good for the community.

We are like no other pet transport as we do not do this in order for us to make a huge profit, we do it to help animals and owners whilst also providing a more cost effective, safe and professional service. We do this as we are all passionate about animals.

WE HOLD PETS IN TRANSIT INSURANCE AND PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE. Evidence of these can be found on our website or on google, yell and social media pages.

We are holders of a Type 2  Authorised Animal Transporters Licence which is issuued by APHA, who are a Government body. This licence is formally known as a DEFRA licence.

Evidence of this can be found on our website or on google, yell and social media pages.



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Reasons To Use Us

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  1. Door to door service.
  2. UK, Ireland, Isles, Europe and worldwide transporters.
  3. Pet Transport Service of The Year 2019 Award Winners.
  4. Safe and secure transport.
  5. Experienced, calm, empathetic and understanding handlers who are all animal lovers.
  6. Pet first aid trained.
  7. Fully insured with Protectivity and Petplan Sanctuary
  8. Type 2 licenced with APHA.
  9. We donate to animal rescues and good causes.
  10. Vehicles have double ventilation and pods that are temperature controlled with heating and cooling systems and air conditioning.
  11. Animal pods have CCTV. 
  12. Live GPS Tracked vehicles.
  13. We are registered on Companies House.
  14. We are registered with HMRC.
  15. Over 15 years experience transporting animals.
  16. We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.
  17. Kennel, vet, groomer, airport etc transport available.
  18. Provide dog  transport, cat  and all small pet transport.
  19. We transport by land and air, with or without a handling.
  20. We are TRACES Registered so can assist with paperwork.
  21. We travel the world by driving and flying to transport pets with dignity and care.
  22. All staff are certificated in animal care and animal behaviour. 
  23. We can provide a complete service, from start to finish.
  24. We have 5* reviews across the internet.

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Our company is made up of staff who are all passionate about animals and have much professional experience with animals, including our office staff. No matter who you speak with, all have extensive knowledge of pets.

We are insured and hold a Type 2 APHA Animal Transporters Licence which means that we are legally allowed to transport your pet for over 40 miles and that our vehicles have been inspected and approved to legally transport animals. 

We provide transport for your pets such as dog transport, cat transport, small pet transport, rabbit transport, pet courier, pet travel,Europe pet travel, worldwide pet travel.

We also take donated items such as towels, blankets, toys, bowls, collars, leads, flea products, worming products, beds etc and pass them on to rescues for the use of rescue animals.  If you wish to donate any items, please inform our handler who will happily try to make room for donated items.  

We are dedicated to the welfare of all animals and we are passionate and dedicated to what we do.

Due to insurance and licences we can only transport your pets, we are not licenced or insured to transport human passengers.

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