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Reasons to choose us

Pet transport. Pet courier. Pet taxi. Dog transport. Cat transport. Dog courier. Dog taxi. 

  • Door to door service.
  • UK, Ireland, Isles and Europe.
  • Safe and secure transport.
  • Experienced, calm, empathetic and understanding handlers who are all animal lovers.
  • Pet first aid trained.
  • Fully insured and licence with APHA.
  • We donate to animal rescues.
  •  Vehicles have double ventilation and pods that are temperature controlled heating and cooling system.
  • Animal pods have CCTV. 
  • Live GPS Tracked vehicles.
  • We are registered on Companies House.
  • We are registered with HMRC.
  • Over 15 years experience transporting animals.
  • We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.
  • Kennel, vet, groomer, airport etc transport available.
  • Provide dog  transport, cat  and all small pet transport.
  • We transport by land and air.
  • We travel the world by driving and flying to transport pets with dignity and care.
  • We make monthly donations to animal rescues
  • All staff are certificated in animal care and animal behaviour. pet courier

Travel by air


Fly your pets with us

We also offer flights for your pets when the journey is too far to travel y road, or if you would prefer your pet to fly.

What we do

Unlike other companies who transport pets by fllghts, our handlers accompany your pet during the entire journey. We collect from your home (if in the UK), and travel with your pet until delivery.

If you require your pet to travel to the UK, our handlers can travel to your pet and collect and transport back to the UK with them.

Benefits of Using Us

The benefits to your pet of being accompanied are endless.

  • Your pet will receive attention and care as well as time out of the flight crate.
  • Your pet shall be constantly monitored and receive all needs from fresh water, stretching egs and a toilet break, freshening up etc.
  • You will receive pictures during the journey of your pet.
  • You will receive feedba

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  • Continuity for your pet.
  • You will meet the handler who has cared for your pet during the journey.
  • You will receive personal updates and pictures.
  • Your pet reeives attention and not just left in a flight crate.
  • Handlers get to know your pet so realise if there is something wrong.
  • Your pet wouldn't just be another pet. Your pet is treated with the dignity and care it deserves. 

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